Ultra Premium Drive-Position Winter Tire

Introducing RDS4 Drive position Winter tire, crafted for exceptional grip and control on icy roads, ensuring safe drives in winter conditions. Experience unparalleled traction plus performance for confident driving in harsh weather.

Product Code Size Ply Rating Load Range Load Index Speed Symbol Overall Dia.(in) Section Width (in) Tread Depth (32nds) RIM Single Max Load/Pressure Dual Max Load/Pressure Static Load Radius Revs per Mile Weight (lb) Type
1133941256 11R22.5 16 H 148/145 L 42 11.4 29 8.25 6940lb/123psi 6390lb/120psi 19.4 493 125 T/L
1133941456 11R24.5 16 H 149/146 L 44 11.4 29 8.25 7160lb/120psi 6610lb/120psi 20.5471 471 140 T/L

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We are very pleased with Double Coin tire’s price and wear.

Walker Quiram, Quiram Logging