Huayi Tire Canada, Inc. Opens New Vancouver Commercial Tire Distribution Center


Huayi Tire Canada, Inc. (HTC), Canada’s premier marketer and distributor for Double Coin Holdings, Ltd., and their premier associate brands of TBR and OTR tires is pleased to announce the opening of their first Canadian commercial tire distribution center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Vancouver is the first point of entry for Asian products into North America, and it is the perfect location to open our first OTR and commercial truck tire distribution center,” said John Hagg, Vice President of Sales and Operations for HTC. “This new distribution center is the backbone of our expansion beyond our Factory Container Direct Program. Our mission is to support the immediate needs of our commercial tire dealers as well. A container of tires can take as long as 90 days and sometimes longer to get to a customer. Our new Vancouver facility will get commercial and OTR tires to them much sooner - within 7 to 10 days, even to our customers in the Eastern Provinces,” added Mr. Hagg.

The new facility has the capacity to inventory 15,000 tires, and will receive shipments of several thousands of OTR and TBR tires each month. This distribution center and the immediate availability of inventory is evidence of HTC’s on-going commitment to support commercial servicing dealers in Canada. Beyond the new warehouse, HTC Canada also provides their family of dealers regional sales staff and fleet sales specialists with decades of tire business experience.

To find out more information about Huayi Tire Canada, visit: or call 888-726-3390.

Huayi Tire Canada, Inc. is a subsidiary of Shanghai Huayi Company, Ltd. – a global manufacturer of a diverse range of valued products, including passenger and commercial tires. Huayi Tire Canada is the premier marketer and distributor of Double Coin tires, and flag and associate brands: Duraturn, Dynatrail+ and Bluestar tires with a distribution center in Vancouver, British Columbia. Huayi Tire Canada, Inc. brings a high level of logistics intelligence and integrity to match the product quality of the brands they carry. To learn more, go to