Huayi Tire Canada to Distribute Double Coin’s RSD3 and RSD1 Winter Tires


Huayi Tire Canada, Inc. (HTC), Canada’s premier marketer and distributor for Double Coin Tires, and their premier associate brands of Truck & Bus Radial (TBR) and Off-The-Road (OTR) tires is pleased to announce Double Coin’s RSD3 and RSD1 severe winter drive-position tires are available for purchase in Canada.

The RSD3 winter tire in size 225/70R19.5/16 features an open shoulder design for added cleaning ability and tread block design. It is built to handle harsh winter conditions in all types of applications.

The ultra-premium RSD1 in size 245/70R19.5/16 is a drive-position tire that’s engineered with a rugged tread design. Just like the RSD3, this tire is also built to handle harsh winter conditions in all types of applications. Its durable casing construction is designed to withstand the rigors of any operation.

“The RSD3 and RSD1 offer superior durability, long-term performance and retreadability,” said John Hagg, Vice President Sales and Operations for HTC. “Both of these winter tires are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in Thailand with the highest global standards of quality. The tires are then housed at our distribution center in Airdrie, Alberta for immediate shipping to our Canadian customers.”

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